Miniature Texas Heeler

Australian Cattle Dog / Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog Hybrid

The Texas Heeler is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd Dog. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed.

Lady Blue is a registered Miniature Australian Shepherd.  She is 15 inches tall and weighs approximately 18 pounds.  She has a great personality, very laid back and just wants to be around everyone.  She has one brown eye and one blue marbled eye.  Her boyfriend is named Bandit and he is an Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Blue Heeler. These puppies have proven to be very smart.  They are a combination of the two breeds that typically ends up with a hair coat that is shorter than the Australian Shepherd but much softer than the Blue Heelers coat.  The color of the coat varies.  They either have the coat pattern similar to the Blue Heeler but the blue color is usually lighter or they will be a very light blue color with black spots.  We have had a few that have a copper and blue merle coloring on them.  Since Blue has a partial blue eye some of the puppies have had either blue or partially blue eyes.


Blue is due with a litter in June!

Lady Blue

Lady Blue - Miniature Australian ShepherdLady Blue - Miniature Australian Shepherd